Far Cry 4 Disappers from Xbox One Digital Store, Makes the Game Unplayable for Some Users

on January 5, 2015 7:15 PM

An unknown issue has arisen with Microsoft’s Xbox One digital storefront, causing Far Cry 4 to be removed from the service.

The removal is causing some users that bought the digital copy of Far Cry 4 in the US and UK to have issues playing or downloading the game on their Xbox One consoles. A community manager on Ubisoft’s forums confirmed that the company was aware of the issue stating that they “are activity investigating the issue.” He further detailed the issue in a separate post saying that:

The team are actively investigating the issue this side, however it’s also worth contacting Xbox support – since it appears that the game has been removed from the Store – this has happened for some – please check if it’s still available to you – if not, it ‘could’ be related to that, which MS are investigating too – however as I say, Ubisoft are looking into the issue as a matter of urgency.

I suggested contacting Xbox Support – due to some being told that it’s an emerging issue – Xbox Support may need more information from people, so it’s always worth contacting them for Store issues.

As of writing it seems that you cannot access the game at on the US store, with the website simply returning an error page where it was once listed. Both Microsoft and Ubisoft are investigating the manner and will provide updates as they become available so that affected users can return to Far Cry 4‘s lush land of Kyrat as soon as possible.

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