Far Cry 5’s Accolades Trailer Hauls in a Truckload of High Scores

Far Cry 5’s Accolades Trailer Hauls in a Truckload of High Scores

Far Cry 5 got a warm critical reception, and the latest accolade trailer is here to make sure that you're aware of the highest scores received by the game.

While a few outliers seem to have been extremely offended by the fact that Far Cry 5 wasn’t political enough or something, most critics seem to be very happy with Ubisoft’s recent outing into the American rural countryside, and today the publisher released an accolade trailer to show just that.

The video showcases impressive vistas, and quite a few scenes from the game, paired with more high scores than you could comfortably fit in one of those trucks that are so popular in Far Cry 5’s setting.

If you want to see what a bunch of critics thought of the game, you can enjoy the trailer below. It’ll also spoil our own review score, but you can make it up by reading the whole thing, unless you already have… but you can always read it again for good measure.

If you want to see more of the game itself, you can check out a video showcasing the PC version, and the action-packed launch trailer. In case you haven’t had time to explore Hope County yourself, you can grab the game on PC, PS4, or Xbox One via Amazon.

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