Far Cry 5 is the Best Selling Ubisoft Game of this Console Generation

Ubisoft confirmed today that Far Cry 5 is the "best units selling Ubisoft game on current gen" consoles PS4 and Xbox One.

May 15, 2019

Today marked Ubisoft’s earnings call for the last fiscal year. During this influx of information on the performance of several title , Ubisoft went over their financial performance of the past year and once again highlighted the fact that Far Cry 5 has done very well for them. In fact, Ubisoft has confirmed that Far Cry 5 is the best-selling game of this generation in terms of units sold for them.

The impressive performance of Far Cry 5 isn’t very surprising. It was the best selling game of March 2018 despite only being released on March 27. Come the end of 2018, it was the seventh best selling game of the year. This continued strong performance as well as “strong growth of the [Far Cry] franchise,” according to Ubisoft, helped lead to the game’s massive success.


Considering this generation has been filled with many Ubisoft heavy hitters like For Honor, Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin’s Creed Origins and Odyssey, Tom Clancy’s The Division 1 and 2, and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, it is very impressive that Far Cry 5 has come out as top dog. Ubisoft didn’t ignore its success either as they released a steady stream of DLC for it throughout 2018 before putting out a sequel Far Cry New Dawn in February 2019.

If you’re curious about what DualShockers’ specific thoughts on the game and its DLC are, you can check out our reviews of both Far Cry 5 and its Lost on Mars DLC. Far Cry 5 is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. You can also pick the game up on Amazon right now. 

Tomas Franzese

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