Far Cry 5 Interview — Welcome to Montana

Far Cry 5 Interview — Welcome to Montana

Creative Director Dan Hay Talks About Far Cry 5's familiar but twisted setting and more.

During a preview events a few days ago, DualShockers had a chance to talk with Far Cry 5 Creative Director Dan Hay.

Hay told us more about the setting of the game, a twisted version of Montana where the player will struggle to fight against the tendrils of a doomsday cult.

We hear about the philosophy behind the choice of such a familiar setting, and what went into designing it and its inhabitants, that will serve as both friends and foe for the green Hope County Deputy.

If you want to see and read more about the game, you can check out our reveal post, including the first trailer, more trailers showcasing the cast, and our very own preview.

The game will release on February 28th, 2018, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.