Far Cry 5 Announcement Trailer Hides a Fun Easter Egg Featuring the Rabbids

Far Cry 5 Announcement Trailer Hides a Fun Easter Egg Featuring the Rabbids

Alongside the new trailer revealing the game, Far Cry 5 also managed to hide an Easter Egg for one of Ubisoft's familiar faces in its trailer

Coming off the game’s official announcement yesterday, Far Cry 5 quickly garnered a lot of attention for its shift from more exotic locations to the plains and mountains of the American West, while the trailer not only surprised with its reveals, but also a fun reference if you managed to spot it.

Eagle-eyed viewers on the Far Cry subreddit (via “DANNYonPC”) discovered a fun Easter Egg that references the Rabbids, which you can spot at around 1:38 in the trailer on the player’s car dashboard, which features a little Rabbid figurine, complete with trucker attire. You can check out the screencap of it below:

Aside from their brief appearance here in the trailer for Far Cry 5, the Rabbids are rumored to be coming back in the upcoming Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, an RPG that appears to be coming to the Nintendo Switch according to leaked artwork and information. While the game hasn’t been officially confirmed at this time, it seems likely we’ll get an official reveal of the game at E3 2017 in a few weeks.

Far Cry 5, on the otherhand, was just revealed earlier this week, with the game taking place in the fictional Hope County, Montana as the player joins forces against a religious cult taking over parts of the state under the leadership of “The Father.”

Far Cry 5 will release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on February 27th, 2018 – in the meantime, you can check out the full reveal trailer below and try to spot the Rabbid: