Far Cry 5’s Lost On Mars Add-On Releases Next Week

Far Cry 5’s Lost On Mars Add-On Releases Next Week

Far Cry 5's next expansion, Lost On Mars, will allow players to visit the red planet on July 17.

Ubisoft announced today that the upcoming Lost On Mars expansion for Far Cry 5 will be releasing on all platforms next week on July 17.

Lost On Mars will focus on Far Cry 5 characters Nick Rye and Hurk as they are transported to Mars and must do battle with Martians that are trying to invade Earth. Players will have the opportunity to use a litany of new weapons while on Mars while also having access to Space Jets, a new traversal tool that will allow you to quickly get around the planet.

Additionally, the Far Cry Arcade game mode within Far Cry 5 will now feature Mars-themed assets that players can use to add to their existing levels or create entirely new ones. A handful of new weapons will also be available for use in the standard story mode, so prepare for even more insanity in Hope County.

Along with announcing the release date, Ubisoft also released a new teaser trailer for Lost On Mars that offers more insight into the storyline. You can find this teaser at the bottom of the page.

Lost On Mars will be available for purchase as a standalone piece of DLC for $9.99 or will come free to those who have purchased the $29.99 season pass. Far Cry 5’s final piece of DLC, Dead Living Zombies, is slated to arrive next month.