Fast and Furious Crossroads: Who is in the Cast?

Fast and Furious Crossroads: Who is in the Cast?

The cast of Fast and Furious Crossroads for PC, PS4 and Xbox One includes Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodrigeuz, Tyrese Gibson and more.

The final announcement of The Game Awards 2019 was Fast and Furious Crossroads, a vehicular action game based on the popular film franchise by Project Cars Developer Slightly Mad Studios and Bandai Namco Entertainment. The Fast and Furious series is known for its bombastic action, and that is definitely present, but it is also known for its large and entertaining cast. You may be wondering which actors are reprising their roles in this game as well as if any new members are being added to Dom’s crew. Fortunately, Bandai Namco has shared some details on what Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Chris Gilbert calls an “all-star voiceover cast,” so we can let you know who has made it into Fast and Furious Crossroads for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Vin Diesel: It wouldn’t be a Fast and Furious game without Vin Diesel’s Dom. He has been with the series since the start, so it was only right that he made an appearance right after Fast and Furious Crossroads was unveiled and teased the next film in the series.

Michelle Rodrigeuz: She has been with the series from the start as Dom’s main love interest Letty, so Michelle is a necessary inclusion for a Fast and Furious game. She was also a very active participant in the announcement of Fast and Furious Crossroads, so you probably already knew she made it in.

Tyrese Gibson: While he wasn’t there for the reveal, Tyrese Gibson is portraying Roman in the game. He isn’t in it for long, but Roman was featured in the first trailer. For now, he is the last of the main movie cast members to be confirmed. That being said, I’d be surprised if he’s the last one revealed.

Sonequa Martin-Green: Best known for her roles in Star Trek: Discovery and The Walking Dead, Sonequa will actually be playing a brand new character in Fast and Furious Crossroads. She is still unnamed but present in the trailer. Slight Mad Studios’ Chief Creative Officer, Andy Tudor, did mention that Crossroads would feature “the introduction of a new crew with ties to beloved characters,” so it very likely that her character will play a major part in that.

Asia Kate Dillon: Finally, we have Asia Kate Dillon. You probably remember them as the Adjudicator in John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, but they’ll also be playing a part in Fast and Furious Crossroads and can be briefly seen in the reveal trailer.

Details are still scarce on the new characters; in fact, many side characters in the announcement trailer still go unnamed and haven’t their voice actors haven’t been revealed. It will definitely be intriguing to see how the confirmed cast list expands, especially on the movie character side of things, as we approach the game’s release. DualShockers will update this article if new major cast members are confirmed.

Fast and Furious Crossroads releases for PC, PS4, and Xbox One sometime during May 2020. The game isn’t live on Amazon just yet, but the Fast and Furious 8-Movie Collection is. 

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