Fast and Furious Crossroads Reveals First Gameplay Trailer, Is Out This August

Get a first look at the gameplay in Slightly Mad Studios' upcoming heist racer Fast and Furious Crossroads.

Fast and Furious Crossroads is the upcoming heist racer from Slightly Mad Studios. The game was originally unveiled back at The Game Awards 2019 and was slated to release this May. However, as with most things in the current global situation, it’s being pushed back a few months. That said, it wasn’t all bad news for Fast and Furious fans today. The team at Slightly Mad gave us our first look at Crossroadsgameplay. Give it a watch below.

The first look gameplay demonstrates that Slightly Mad is taking a bit of different direction for Fast and Furious Crossroads. Most racers do everything they can to push pixels and make the cars look as good as humanly possible. Crossroads looks much more like a classic arcade racer with more stylized cars and a goofy-looking UI. For some, that’s going to be an immediate turn-off; however, if it plays well, I don’t really care what it looks like.

And, while I’m not overly excited by what I’m seeing on the screen, I am at least glad that they’re trying to do more with Fast and Furious Crossroads than just making a pure racing game. We see the crew getting up to all kinds of vehicular hijinks that at least tell me Slightly Mad understands part of what makes Fast and Furious so beloved. There are several red flags for Crossroads, but, based on this video, I’m more than willing to give the game a shot. I mean it can’t be worse than Fast and Furious: Showdown, can it?

Fast and Furious Crossroads comes to PC, PS4, and Xbox One On August 7.


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