Fast Company Magazine Names Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Gaming, Awards Top Honor to Telltale Games

April 9, 2014

Fast Company Magazine has been known for their critical look at the dynamics and innovation within the world of business, and in a recent article the magazine took a look with their list of the “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Gaming,” with some of the answers might being a surprise.

With the article looking at a variety of criteria from implementing new media and software, developing innovative games, or looking with a more economically-minded eye, Fast Company Magazine revealed their 10 selections for the world’s “most innovative companies in gaming,” with top honors going to Telltale Games, developers of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. Telltale’s entry on the list was also followed by several other notable developers both big and small, such as Sony and Capybara Games.


Fast Company’s description for Telltale’s achievement reads:

“Game makers have struggled for years with episodic gaming–the rigors of producing bite-size game chapters in quick succession has proven impossible for most. Telltale, meanwhile, has cracked the code. In 2012, its five-episode The Walking Dead, based on the epic comic book series, sold 17 million copies. Now Telltale is ramping up production, with a second season of The Walking Dead started in December, alongside a new series, The Wolf Among Us, which is based on writer Bill Willingham’s popular comic book series, Fables.”

The full list of winners in Fast Company’s list is below:

  1. Telltale Games
  2. Sony
  3. Plain Vanilla Games
  4. Gungho Online Entertainment
  5. Supercell
  6. Capybara Games
  7. King
  8. Tencent
  9. Failbetter Games
  10. Bluepoint Games
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