Fast-Paced Action Game SAMURAI MAIDEN Announced For Winter 2022

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August 3, 2022

D3 Publisher has announced that the fast-paced action game ‘Samurai Maiden’ will be released this winter for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and Nintendo Switch at an undetermined price, with an age rating of 15 and up.

In the action game Samurai Maiden, a samurai high school girl who has excellent swordsmanship is summoned to Honnō-ji in the Sengoku period of old Japan. Together with other ninja maidens, she traverses through the underground world of Honnō-ji temple, which is crowded with the departed spirits of hell. It’s an all-new adventure with a female-led team, reminiscent of Hyakka Ryōran: Samurai Girls and Onechanbara.


Along with the Samurai Maiden game announcement, the cast of the four main heroines and the voice actresses who present their roles were revealed. The Main Character Tsumugi Tamaori (Yuki Yomichi), and her friends Iyo (Miku Ito), Hagane (Sumire Uesaka) and Komimi (Miyu Tomita). A fictional character who represents the military legend Nobunaga Oda (Takaya Kuroda) also makes an appearance and gives you the sword that you will use and fight and ward off evil.

Samurai Maiden features a “Gokage System” where the Samurai girl’s Swordsmanship and the female ninja’s ninjutsu are combined to fight as a single unit. Gokage refers to the group of three female ninjas. The three Gokage simultaneously use a variety of ninja techniques, including Kunai attacks, bombs, puppet wires and Icy secret ninja arts to kick a large number of departed souls into oblivion. In addition, you can use the forbidden art of “Kuchizuke no Jutsu” to have the girls share their life force and empower each other.

The main character design is done by illustrator Ragu Miwano. The opening theme song “DIVINE TUNING” will be composed by music producer Hisao Sasaki, with lyrics by Ayaka Ota, and the ending theme song. “Kotonoha ni Saku” will be produced by the band Ota Family. In order to give the chance for more players to enjoy the game and gather a worldwide appeal, Samurai Maiden will include English, Chinese, and Korean subtitles in addition to the original Japanese on all platforms.

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