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Here are the fastest cars in GTA 5 and GTA Online!

July 1, 2021

It’s been almost 8 years since GTA 5 launched back in 2013, and it’s still one of the most popular games around, with an enhanced edition even arriving for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox One later this year.

With new cars and content being added frequently, it can be difficult to keep up to date with which are the fastest cars in GTA 5 Online. DualShockers have put together a list of the top 10 fastest cars in GTA 5 for 2021, so you know what to spend all of your hard-earned cash on.

This list solely focuses on the top speed of cars and does not take into account the handling or acceleration of the listed vehicles.

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Ocelot Pariah – Fastest Car in GTA 5

The Ocelot Pariah has a top speed of 136mph, making it the fastest car in GTA 5. Players will need to head over to a garage and upgrade the Pariah with new engine modifications, suspension, and more to unlock the cars full potential.

Once fully upgraded, the Ocelot Pariah has the best top speed of any car in GTA 5, making it the fastest car in the game.

Players can obtain the Ocelot Pariah from the Legendary Motorsport website in-game, for a total of $1,420,000. The fastest car in the game is part of the ‘sports’ vehicle class, which may come as a surprise to many players.

The Ocelot Pariah was first introduced as part of the Doomsday Heist update in 2017. It might not look the prettiest in terms of aesthetic, but when fully upgraded the Ocelot Pariah is the fastest car in the GTA 5 Online.

Fastest Cars In GTA 5 Online

We know that the Ocelot Pariah is the fastest car in GTA 5 and GTA Online, but what about the rest? Check out the list below to see the Top 10 fastest cars in GTA 5 for 2021.

RANKFastest Cars In GTA 5 Online (July 2021)Top Speed (MPH)Cost (In-Game Currency)
#1Ocelot Pariah136mph$1,420,000
#2Grotti Itali RSX135mph$3,465,000
#3Pfister 811133mph$1,135,000
#4Principe Deveste Eight132mph$1,795,000
#5Bravado Banshee 900R131mph$565,000
#6Invetero Coquette D10130mph$1,510,000
#7Overflod Entity XXR128mph$2,305,000
#8Grotti Itali GTO127.75mph$1,965,000
#9Pegassi Toros127.50mph$498,000
#10Grotti X80 Proto127.50mph$2,700,000

You can check out images of all the top 10 fastest cars below, beginning with the number one ranked, Ocelot Pariah.

Fastest Cars With Boost In GTA 5 Online

It’s worth noting that although the list above features the fastest cars in GTA 5, it is possible to reach a higher top speed using cars that have boost options. Of course, these cars are only able to reach a higher speed whilst using the boost option, which only lasts for a few seconds.

RANKFastest Cars With BoostTop Speed With BoostTop Speed Without BoostCost
#1Grotti Vigilante151mph123mph$3,750,000
#2Annis Arena ZR-380147mph122mph$2,138,640
#3Declasse Scramjet144mph123mph$4,628,400
#4Vapid Imperator141mph116mph$2,284,940
#5Vapid Arena Dominator141mph115mph$1,132,000

Check out the images below to see all of the fastest cars with boost in GTA 5 Online. Beginning with the Grotti Vigilante!

For those that are looking to purchase one of the top ten fastest cars in GTA 5 Online, you might want a little more detail on these cars. Check out the full list below with details on each of the fastest cars in 2021.

Remember, a lot of these cars are customizable. Players are able to change the colour, headlights, tires, window tint, grill, bumper, and much more. If a car doesn’t quite take your fancy, head over to a garage to customize it to your liking.

1. Ocelot Pariah

The Ocelot Pariah is a sports vehicle in GTA 5 Online, although it doesn’t look it, the Pariah is the fastest car in the game without any form of boost. First introduced in the Doomsday Heist update, the car takes prominent influence from the Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato.

It is available for purchase from the Legendary Motorsport Website in-game.

Price: $1,420,000

2. Grotti Itali RSX

Coming in as the second-fastest car in GTA 5 Online, is the Grotti Itali RSX. Much like the Pariah, the RSX is a sports car that was recently introduced in the Cayo Perico Heist update. The sports car is based on the popular Ferrari SF90 Stradale, and is the most expensive vehicle on this list.

Price: $3,465,000

3. Pfister 811

This two-door hypercar was introduced as part of the Further Adventures in Finance and Felony update back in 2016. The Pfister 811 is the fastest Super car vehicle type on this list, and is based on the Porsche 918.

Price: $1,135,000

4. Principe Deveste Eight

Another super car vehicle type coming in at number 4 on the fastest GTA 5 car list. The Deveste Eight is one of the newer cars on the list, only being released in 2019 as part of the Arena War update. Interestingly, this super car is based on a concept car known as the Devel Sixteen, from Dubai.

Price: $1,795,000

5. Bravado Banshee 900R

The Banshee is one of the most popular cars in the whole of the GTA series, and the 900R is a beast of a car. Not only does it rock the classic Banshee look, but it’s also one of the fastest cars in the game. It’s also available without a roof, so you can let your hair down when you’re cruising at 131mph.

Price: $565,000

6. Invetero Coquette D10

The Coquette D10 is one of the most stunning cars in GTA 5, with a wide aggressive body that can reach staggering speeds. The D10 serves the role of the original Coquette and actually falls under the Sports vehicle type.

Price: $1,510,000

7. Overflod Entity XXR

Not to be confused with the Entity XF, the XXR features a more aggressive style. It’s also a much more powerful super car which costs a pretty penny. Grab the XXR from Legendary Motorsports.

Price: $2,305,000

8. Grotti Itali GTO

The Itali GTO is a Lamborghini style car, offering players a sleek and slim sports car that can reach speeds of up to 127mph. First introduced in 2018, the GTO has become a fan favorite for those that want to travel in style as well as at high speed.

Price: $1,965,000

9. Pegassi Toros

Bet you didn’t expect to see and SUV on this list did you? Not only is the Pegassi Toros visually stunning, it’s an incredibly quick SUV and deservers its spot on the list of fastest cars in GTA 5. The Toros is based on the Lamborghini Urus, which is prominent in the front of the car.

Price: $498,000

10. Grotti X80 Proto

Finally, just making it in at number ten is the Grotti X80 Proto. This is one of the most classic GTA 5 cars, and incredibly popular super car that many long term GTA players will likely own. The X80 Proto was the first car in GTA to be based on a concept hyper car, the Ferrari F80 Concept.

Price: $2,700,000

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