Fat, Ugly or Slutty is Funny, Sad

Fat, Ugly or Slutty is Funny, Sad


Logging onto an online game can be dangerous if you’re the least bit sensitive. Racial epithets, swears and homophobia and tossed about like a Mississippi church in the 40’s. There’s not much any of us can do about it. Sure some of these people may get banned or muted, but they’ll just move to another server to spread their high pitched hatespeech. God help you if you’re a woman on the internet.

Until now there would be the occasional hilarious Youtube video featuring a 13-year-old screaming at his mother about her tardiness with his chocolate milk, but someone is finally dedicating a whole blog to revealing the terrible things these sex and human contact starved creepers say. Fat, Ugly or Slutty throws these people out in the open for us all to laugh at. I hope we all start watching what we say over Xbox Live from now on. Especially in a freakin’ voice message.

Hit the jump to see some of my favorite entries. Warning: NSFW

The direct approach:


This guy is just asking for help. I don’t see what the problem is:


And this one is pretty creative. I’d probably play with him again: