Fatal Frame Creator Bringing “Evil” Gameplay To New Sony-Bound Kagero: Deception Game

on October 24, 2013 11:43 AM

It looks like not only is Tecmo Koei resurrecting the old strategy and trap-laying RPG Kagero: Deception series, but they’re bringing it back with even more “evil.” Produced by Fatal Frame creator Keisuke Kikuchi and with characters designed by industry veteran Hirotoaka Maeda, Deception IV: Blood Ties (also known as Shadow Prison: Dark Side Princess) will be bringing more “evil” into the series, and coming to North America to the PS3 and PS Vita next year, on February 27th, 2014.

Kagero: Deception will star Regrina, the daughter of the Devil himself, who will be tasked with tracking down the descendents of the twelve saints that sealed her father up in the past. To aid her in her quest are three Dark Mediums, each of whom summon traps and represent concepts: Kaelia, of brillance, Lilia, of humiliation, and Vueruza, of cruelty. Where previous games set the limit of three traps at a time, multiple successive traps will be encouraged.

A teaser site is set to go live tomorrow, Below, you’ll find screenshots, concept art, and two 15-minute trailers that showcase the game’s mechanics from Famitsu Live, the first of which shows off the two minute debut trailer in the very beginning. You may not want to miss that trailer: it includes everything from the series’ signature pendulum blade and bear traps, to a pumpkin head and flying whale that drops a bomb.


15 Minute Live Walkthrough 01

15 Minute Live Walkthrough 02

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