Fatality! THQ Buys Midway Sand Diego Studio

By Yaris Gutierrez

August 10, 2009

Everyone knows the name “Midway”.  More because it was/is the studio that bought us the gruesome series Mortal Kombat in 1992 – you know, the game that introduced us to the excessive violence of punching your opponent’s heads off, transforming your foes into cute wittle babies, and the epic word fatality.  These guys brought us a gaming passtime in the early 90’s.  But, it looks like the bankrupt publisher has been bought-off by THQ.

Midway, who had sold most of their assets to Warner Bros in early July for $49 million (which didn’t include the San Diego and Newcastle studios in the deal),  has sold its San Diego studio to THQ, and its French and German divisions to smaller entities who weren’t named because  they really aren’t that important.   The Friday filing shows that THQ purchased the withering studio – who were the former developers of the TNA Wrestling franchise, for a whopping $200,000 plus liabilities and paid time off for some retained staff.  Hell, if they were going that cheap, I would have refinanced my house and bought them off myself for that price.  Damn you, Midway!  Why didn’t you send me an email?

The agreement of the purchase says that THQ will be making employment offers to “not less than forty (40) employees of the Studio.”  Meaning, that forty of those bastards at Midway will, indeed, be keeping their jobs.  A total of 100 employees currently permeate the studio.

TNA iMPACT!, as well as third-party tools including the Unreal Engine being licensed, have been excluded from the bankruptcy purchase that THQ has made.  With the WWE and UFC games already in their pocket, it is possible that the newly bought-off Midway San Diego studio might be used to extend those franchises along with any future TNA titles.  We would like to wish the Midway employees the best of luck, and pray that everything goes smoother than my butt when it’s drenched in sun-tan lotion.

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