Fate/Extella Link’s Switch Port Gets a New Trailer Showing Cute SD Forms of Nero, Tamamo, Altera

Marvelous released a new trailer for the Switch port of Fate/Extella Link. The Switch version was only announced in Japan but contains English subtitles.

on October 16, 2018 5:26 AM

Today, Marvelous published a new trailer for the Switch port of Fate/Extella Link, showing the “Funi Funi” versions of Nero Claudius, Tamamo no Mae and Altera.

These alternatives, cute SD versions of the characters are included in the Switch version. They will also be added to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita versions of the game as DLC.

You can watch the trailer with the three SD waifus below.

The Switch version of Fate/Extella Link was announced in Japan a few days ago with a trailer. Xseed Games previously announced that Fate/Extella Link will release in the west in the first quarter of 2019, only digitally for PS Vita and both physically and digitally for PS4. You can check screenshots for the game here, and some of the trailers here.

The Switch version of Fate/Extella Link releases in Japan on January 31st. Xseed Games hasn’t commented on bringing over the Switch version for now, but the Japanese version contains English subtitles.

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