Fate/Extra 10th Anniversary Video Teased by Type-Moon Studio BB

Fate/Extra, debut game of now iconic Nasuverse character Nero Claudius (Saberface), is celebrating its tenth anniversary on July 22, 2020.

Type-Moon Studio BB has teased over on Twitter that on July 22, marking the 10th anniversary of Fate/Extra, a small celebration video will be published. The video will be out on July 22 at 1200 JST, and a countdown page was opened.

Fate/Extra was first released on PlayStation Portable in 2010, and is a dungeon crawler RPG developed by Type-Moon, and Image Epoch, where Type-Moon Studio BB Director Kazuya Nino worked at the time.

Fate/Extra most notably marked the debut of multiple Fate characters that are now more popular than ever thanks to reappearing in Fate/Grand Order. Such characters include Nero Claudius and Tamamo no Mae.

Fate/Extra also received a sequel in 2013, Fate/Extra CCC on PSP. This one marked Nasuverse history as the debut of iconic characters Elizabeth Bathory, Kiara Sessyoin, and multiple Sakurafaces like characters: BB, Meltryllis and Passionlip. The later two having pretty shocking designs even for someone like me who’ve been used to Japanese things and bikini armor for as long as I can remember. Then again, I did end up getting used to it like everything else.

Fate/Extra’s character designer is Aruko Wada (the key visual above is by Takeuchi though). She has a very distinctive, easy to recognize artstyle, and is a great artist overall, highly contributing to these characters’ success.

Kazuya Nino recently teased again that Type-Moon Studio BB will be making new announcements soon. The original Fate/stay night on PC by Type-Moon celebrated in 2020 its 15th anniversary with an art exposition and an artbook. Simultaneously, FGO is currently celebrating its 5th anniversary.

It’s possibly this anniversary video will be teasing some kind of new game related to Fate/Extra. A remake could be likely as well. Aruko Wada also retweeted the teaser tweet so it’s likely she’ll be involved if a new game shows up. We’ll be sure to tell you more on July 12.

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