Kazuya Niinou Wants to Remake Fate/Extra CCC, Worried About the Game Being Too Lewd

Fate/Extra CCC Remake will probably come someday, but it won't be anytime soon seeing the development of Fate/Extra Record looks far from complete.

July 29, 2020

Fate/Extra CCC could be getting a remake too following the release of Fate/Extra Record (tentative title). As you already know, Type-Moon Studio BB held a live stream for the tenth anniversary of Fate/Extra on July 22, where Director Kazuya Niinou shared multiple comments, most notably his wish to remake Fate/Extra CCC.

Around the 17:50 mark on stream, Kazuya Niinou goes “I need to say it, I definitely want to remake CCC too. But nothing is decided yet.” As he kept discussing with Kana Ueda (in Rin’s appearance), they both jokingly mentioned how lewd the game is.

Fate/Extra CCC has chara designs by Aruko Wada and she really went all out with some of the characters, most notably Passionlip and Meltryllis. Passionlip’s design was actually even more risque in CCC when compared to her FGO illustration featured above: She was only wearing belt straps over her chest. Meanwhile, Meltryllis’ design is typical half-naked loli regularly found in Japanese media. Her design is also particularly interesting once you’ve heard the fact Wada Aruko really likes heels. CCC overall has multiple sexual fanservice themed CGs, multiple half naked men too, and a very peculiar final boss. It’s not an exaggeration to say that the game’s writing and certain scenes are lewder than actual H-scenes.


Niinou said he’s worried about releasing the game nowadays, and he’ll take some time to think about all that as he keeps working on Fate/Extra Record. Niinou was probably referencing how Sony, for over a year now, tends to randomly censor Japanese games on PS4 and Vita when compared to their Switch, PC, or Xbox One releases. And doing so regardless of the game’s age rating in the first place.

Personally speaking, I strongly disagree with Sony’s current way of doing things. It’s similar to cultural racism in how Sony seems to believe the land of Freedom and Justice is always right, and that these kinds of Japanese games are inherently sexist and need to be changed rather than explained. The fact that the censorship is completely random makes it even worse, as many small Japanese studios don’t really know what to change or not. Changing things after development also costs money, so some studios could end up auto-censoring themselves from the start too.

With that said, I couldn’t disagree more with those who keep exaggerating the situation, claiming “waifus are being destroyed by the west” and whatever nonsense, as relatively speaking, Sony’s censorship is far from being such a huge issue. Every single Japanese game with sexual fanservice is not systematically targeted, and many of them are still being released on PS4 and PS Vita just fine. Just go look at Entergram’s releases.

Fate/Extra Record has no platforms or release date estimate yet, but it’ll be coming to “current gen platforms” and a Steam release is likely as well. You can read all the details on the announcement through our previous coverage.

We summarized the full Fate/Extra 10th anniversary stream and rounded up everything we know on Fate/Extra Record here. You can also check out what Type-Moon’s Nasu Kinoko and Takashi Takeuchi think of the remake.

Type-Moon Studio BB is still working on two other games. Niinou hinted we won’t see them anytime soon, and there’s still a lot of work to do on Fate/Extra Record. In the past, Kazuya Niinou stated he’d like to remake 7th Dragon one day as well. And make a sequel too. You can read more about that here.

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