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Fate/Extra: Type-Moon Always Wanted to Remake It

Here's what the duo of friends at the base of Type-Moon think of the upcoming Fate/Extra remake by Type-Moon Studio BB and Kazuya Niinou.

July 28, 2020

During the Fate/Extra Record stream (summary with everything else here, gameplay included) special messages from Type-Moon bosses Kinoko Nasu and Takashi Takeuchi were published.

Nasu said he’s really hyped for the remake, and happy with everything Type-Moon Studio BB is doing. He mentioned how Fate/Extra is the first step that made him realize the Fate franchise could get much bigger, with a greater sense of freedom. It’s thanks to Extra the franchise broadened as it is now.

Nasu also pointed out how the three Knight Servants characters you can pick in Fate/Extra were not used as main characters in Fate/Grand Order, in case they ever managed to remake Fate/Extra.

Nasu ended his message saying he’ll support Type-Moon Studio BB as best as he can, so everyone can enjoy the game. Whether they’re discovering it with the remake of played the original on PSP.

He also praised the expressive movements and facial expressions of Redsaber in the remake, seen in the gameplay revealed so far.

Wreckfest | Stadia Release Trailer

On stream, Type-Moon Studio BB Director Kazuya Niinou commented on the message. He’s pretty happy they were finally able to announce the game. When the Fate/Extra Last Encore anime released in 2018, a lot of people kept saying they wanted to play the game but didn’t own a PSP, so he’s really happy about all that overall.

Next up was the message from Takashi Takeuchi. He similarly stated Nasu always wanted to remake Extra, and he’s pretty hyped himself that the Extra gang: Nasu, Aruko Wada, Kazuya Niinou, is back on a remake. Similarly with Nasu, Takeuchi said Fate/Extra is pretty much the Fate thing that was the foundation of the huge expansion the franchise experienced later on. Redsaber Nero and Caster Tamamo are among the most popular characters of the franchise nowadays, and they both debuted in Fate/Extra. It’s crazy when you think about it and how they were spinoff characters at first.

Fate/Extra Record 1st Trailer

Fate/Extra Record currently has no release date estimate, and no platforms revealed either, but there’s a very high chance it’ll be on PS4, Switch, and Steam.

More details will be coming at some point on Type-Moon Studio BB’s Twitter. Be sure to give Kazuya Niinou a follow too:


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