Fate/Extra Record, Remake of Fate/Extra, Announced by Type-Moon Studio BB

Fate/Extra Record, a full remake of Fate/Extra, was revealed to be in development by Type-Moon Studio BB.

By Iyane Agossah

July 21, 2020

Type-Moon Studio BB revealed for the tenth anniversary of Fate/Extra a new game titled Fate/Extra Record. The game is a full remake of  the original PSP game, and runs on Unreal Engine. No platforms were announced besides “current generation platforms”. The game’s first trailer is included below. Note that the game was announced worldwide.

The remake was teased by Type-Moon Studio BB earlier this month as an “anniversary video” for Fate/Extra was scheduled for July 22. In fact, the video, accessible here, trolled fans by starting as a typical “let’s look back on the series video” with no announcement, before quickly switching to footage from the remake.

Type-Moon Studio BB is led by Kazuya Niino, who is on Planning and Direction on Fate/Extra Record. He already confirmed the studio is working on three different projects. One of these turned out to be Fate/Extra Record. There are two left to be announced. He also previously strongly hinted the games will be coming to PC, PS4 and Switch, giving us an idea for this remake’s platforms.

Like the original PSP game released in 2010, Fate/Extra Record is a turn-based JRPG, with dungeon crawler elements. It features an original protagonist and Servants like Nero Saberface which were new back then but are fondly nostalgic now. It also includes iconic characters of the Fate franchise and Nasuverse such as Rin Tohsaka and Archer, who uses Unlimited Blade Works in the trailer.

Fate/Extra Record First Trailer

An official page for the game was opened. Kinoko Nasu and Type-Moon are credited on original story and scenario. Takashi Takeuchi and Type-Moon are credited for original character concept. Aruko Wada is returning from the original game as chara designer.

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The announcement video also included a VR-like sequence at the end. With Rin announcing a live stream for the anniversary, to be held on July 22 at 2000 JST. She also asked fans to share their impressions on the series via a twitter campaign with the #extra10周年 hashtag.

The Type-Moon Studio BB Twitter account is also holding a survey, asking if you:

  1. Played the original game
  2. Saw the Fate/Extra anime adaptations
  3. Know the characters
  4. Never heard of Fate/Extra

We’ll be summarizing and translating the upcoming stream as we always do, stay tuned.

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