Fate/Grand Order Hits $3 Billion in Revenue Sales

Fate/Grand Order Hits $3 Billion in Revenue Sales

Fate/Grand Order continues to bring home big money as it reaches $3 billion dollars in lifetime sales since its 2015 release

Aniplex and Delightworks continue to rake in the big dollars with their hit mobile gacha game Fate/Grand Order. Coming in at a cool $3 billion, F/GO definitely asserts itself now as one of the top mobile games out there.

These numbers come to us from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence Center which also shares a keen comparison to put F/GO‘s success into perspective.

To put Fate/Grand Order’s success into perspective, that figure is the equivalent of a PlayStation 4 title selling 50 million copies at $60. It’s also five times what the most successful PS4 game to date, Horizon: Zero Dawn, would have grossed on its 10 million copies at full retail price.

What makes this impressive most of all is that these numbers are done by a game that is totally free to download and play. That means that all $3 billion of this revenue comes completely from players making in-app purchases to get a chance at rolling for better playable characters and other in-game goodies.

For those unaware what Fate/Grand Order exactly is, F/GO is basically a mobile game set in the always expanding Fate/Stay Night universe that released back in 2015. The game puts the player in the role of a master who can summon all sorts of different servants from the past and future. The combat in the game is turn-based where you can have your team combo a variety of moves. If you’re interested in picking up a new gacha mobile game or just a big Fate Stay/Night fan, you can download the game now on iOS and Android devices.

If mobile games aren’t your cup of tea, Fate/Extella Link is only a few days away from releasing on PC, PS4, Switch, and Vita. The game features a Dynasty Warriors-style combat system though replaced with popular Fate characters like Tamamo and Archer.