Fate/Grand Order Made an Absurd Amount of Money in September

Fate/Grand Order Made an Absurd Amount of Money in September

Fate/Grand Order made an estimated $80 Million in September, putting it ahead of many popular mobile games.

The anime mobile game, Fate/Grand Order, made an approximate 9 Billion Yen (roughly $80 million USD) in the month of September according to Game-i. This is impressive compared to mobile game competitors like Pokémon GO which made $70 million in the month of October. Fortnite Mobile was reportedly earning “$1 million a day” according to Forbes, making it less than half of what Fate/Grand Order made in September.

Fate/Grand Order is no match for Monster Strike which raked in 14 billion yen($124 million USD), according to Anime News Network. These numbers do not come from official press releases, however, so take them with a grain of salt until official numbers are released. Either way, it’s extremely impressive for an anime gacha game to overtake mobile juggernauts such as Pokémon GO.

Fate/Grand Order is also expected to get an anime TV series and movie as well, according to Anime News Network. Aniplex’s mobile game also hit the $2 billion lifetime revenue mark back in July of this year, according to Pocket Gamer.

In recent FGO news, the 2017 Christmas Event returned — giving players a chance at getting the Altria Pendragon (Santa Alter) as well as a chance at pulling other limited items.

You can download Fate/Grand Order now on iOS and Android.