Fate/Grand Order VR Story Trailer Features Drama and English Dub

Fate/Grand Order VR Story Trailer Features Drama and English Dub

Fate/Grand Order Vr is finally hitting the West next month and we're treated with two trailers for Mash and Saber -- showing the diversity of the experience

With only a month away until Fate/Grand Order VR hits PlayStation VR in the west, we get some new details on character interactions and story in the latest trailer. Posting two trailers, we see interactions opportunities with both Saber and Mash, and the two characters’ experiences seem to have very different tones.

The first trailer featuring Saber, or Altria Pendragon, is more of an interactive drama more than anything. You go on a sort of vacation with the servant, however, things go wrong and suddenly an attack breaks out. You suddenly see Saber change from a sundress into armor and break out into combat defending you. Saber even asks you to use one of your command spells and raise your hand, hinting at some of the interactive moments in the drama.

The Mash portion of the game features a more simple experience with light interactions with the demi-servant. Interactions go only so far, with Mash doing simple activities like dancing and combat simulations. Though this isn’t too heavy on story, the Mash portion could be a hit with fans of the Fate/Grand Order mobile game.

One major change from the Japanese version of the game, of course, is the voice acting. The voice lines have been completely redubbed in English for the western audience. It’s uncertain if there is an option for Japanese audio, so we’ll have to wait until launch next month to know for sure if we can change up the voice acting. Either way, it’s still a positive note that Type-Moon and Aniplex are continuing to provide for their western audience a variety of Fate content.

In other Fate news, the Fate/Grand Order mobile game continues its streak of dominance in the mobile games sphere with over 5 million downloads since launch. In celebration, players are offered a summoning boost chance at Caster Leonardo Da Vinci.

Fate/Grand Order VR hits PlayStation VR on February 26.