Fate/Grand Order Creative Director Plans to Bring Japanese Events West

Fate/Grand Order Creative Director Plans to Bring Japanese Events West

Fate/Grand Order's Summer Swimsuit Event will be coming to the game's Western audience in the future.

Fate/Grand Order recently launched in North America and Canada on June 25, but news has been quite surrounding the limited time events the game has already received in Japan since its original 2015 release.

In a recent interview, DualShockers got the chance to speak with Yosuke Shiokawa, the game’s creative director at Anime Expo 2017. In the interview Shiokawa-san explained how he first learned of the Western Fate/Grand Order fanbase, as well as his intention to release all in-game events to all players:

“We’d like all players of Fate/Grand Order to experience the same events as the Japanese players. So we will be putting forth all the events, as much as possible.”

For those specifically interested in the game’s Summer Swimsuit Event, don’t fret. Shiokawa-san followed up in saying that the two games, regardless of region, will have similar release schedules:

“The basic principle is that we’d like to follow the Japanese release as closely as possible, so look forward to it.”

So if you, like many of us, were dying to see some of the Fate series characters in their beach attire, then you will be happy to hear that the four limited time events, and their rewards, will be available to the game’s Western audience in the future.

Please stay tuned for the full interview where we discuss the game’s development and what’s to come.

Fate/Grand Order is available now on the iOS App Store as well as Android’s Google Play. You can read up on the event’s Japanese launch here as well as check out the game’s Summer Swimsuit Event trailer below. You can also read up on the Western release of the game here.

[Original Interview: Azario Lopez]