Father's Day PS3 Bundle... Now With 100% More HDMI

Sony has finally come to their senses, and realized that you can purchase an HDMI cable for under a buck. With this in mind, they have decided for the very first time to… you guessed, throw in an HDMI cable along when you purchase a 250GB PS3. Also, packed in to the bundle is a copy of Media Molecule’s Littlebigplanet. Now I don’t know about you, but wouldn’t it have made more sense to bundle in something like Uncharted or it’s sequel. There’s something about LBP that just doesn’t scream Father’s Day. What would you have packed in?

P.S. Sony, when the PS4 eventually comes out, if I see a set of composite cables in the box, I just may have a nervous breakdown. Just saying.


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Joel Taveras

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