FaZe Adapt Has Been Banned From Twitch Again – Here’s What We Know

FaZe Adapt Has Been Banned From Twitch Again – Here’s What We Know

Adapt has been banned for the second time this month!

One of the most popular members of the FaZe clan, Adapt, has been banned from Twitch yet again. The popular streamer took to Twitter to express his anger at the ban, simply tweeting “For f**** sake”.

Who Is FaZe Adapt?

Alexander ‘Adapt’ Hamilton is one of the most popular members of FaZe clan, he is also the director of the group’s Call of Duty sniping group. Adapt is known as a professional gamer, streamer, and YouTuber. As I’m sure most of you can work out, his content revolves mainly around Call of Duty. 

FaZe Adapt has over six million subscribers on YouTube, and almost three million followers on Twitter.

Why Has Adapt Been Banned?

Everything is speculation as of writing, as neither Twitch nor Adapt have stated the reason for the ban. But all signs are pointing towards Adapt showing a clip during his stream that included the confederate flag being the reason for his most recent ban.

This isn’t the first time Adapt has been banned from Twitch, he’s becoming quite a regular for it. His first ban came in May of 2020 and lasted a total of three days. This initial ban came from Adapt allegedly streaming “suggestive content or activities”. Adapt was then banned again just last week, on February 15. He had recently returned to streaming on Twitch, and on his first day back was hit with a ban for streaming GTA RP.

Twitch are usually quite tight-lipped about the reasoning behind banning a streamer, and don’t hold back when it comes to bans. Recently, Fortnite professional Clix was also banned from the streaming platform for unknown reasons.

What Happens Next?

After back to back ban hammers coming down on FaZe adapt, he may be looking into streaming on other platforms such as YouTube. But more than likely, he’ll sit out the ban until it’s over and return to streaming on Twitch. Hopefully this time Adapt will last longer than one week before getting banned again.