Fear the Wolves' New Action-Packed E3 Trailer Shows Battle Royale with Radioactive Wolves

Fear the Wolves has been given a brand new E3 trailer showing gameplay for the battle royale title that's due to launch into early access later this year.

Developer Vostok Games has revealed a brand new trailer for their upcoming Battle Royale title Fear the Wolves. The title will be launching into early access on PC later this year before heading to consoles.

The new trailer, that you can see below takes-on the generic idea of a Battle Royale title. One-hundred players parachute down onto a radioactive wasteland, with the goal being to reach an extraction helicopter. Players must scavenge for weapons and loot along the way.

Fear the Wolves adds a fresh take on the Battle Royale genre by also included PvE elements. As a result, the players will not only be fighting one another, but also mutated wildlife, radiation, and face unexplainable anomalies. Obviously, there is no doubt that this will throw an interesting dynamic into the mix. Players will need to doubly make sure they are watching their backs in the wasteland.

While weapons are going to be littered around the world, more powerful gear is going to be located in air drops (standard Battle Royale trope) and radioactive areas. While there are more mutated creatures that will be announced as we get closer to release, publisher Focus Home Interactive has teased the mutated wolves that populate the radioactive world. And beware, these creatures travel in packs.

As for the radioactive world, players face environments decaying and becoming more deadly. The adrenaline from sprinting apparently stops you from taking damage. After that, gas masks and hazard suits will keep players somewhat safe.

Fear the Wolves was announced back in February, and publisher Focus Home Interactive is due to launch The Surge 2 next year. In other words, the publisher’s line up is already looking busy.

Fear the Wolves is due to launch onto Steam Early Access sometime this summer and then launching on PC. It’ll be due for a console launch later, on although no console has been specified. Check out the screenshots and E3 trailer, below:

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