Fear the Wolves' Unified Update Introduces Vaulting, Voice Chat, and Introduces Duo's as Standard

Fear the Wolves gets Duo's Vaulting, and more for this post-apocalyptic Battle Royale.

Vostok Games’ FPS Battle Royale title Fear the Wolves had a new update applied yesterday which apparently improves the players experience and changes the ways matchmaking works. The titled update is called Unified and launched yesterday for PC. The patch aims to improve the player’s experience by ensuring that queues go by quicker and matches play out with more intensity.

A video —that you can find below— shows some of the examples of what has been added or changed, with features such as a waiting room being introduced and even vaulting. The games new matchmaking default is now Duo’s as opposed to Solo and chucks everyone into the same matchmaking pool. Although, if you do wish to play alone you can still join a match, however, you may find yourself against a duo and potentially outnumbered, but you do stand a chance at getting more loot.

Additionally, the games update also introduces a “reworked onboarding experience” which will go with a new deployment phase. This will add contextual hints and a new in-game UI to ease newer players into Fear the Wolves. For those teaming up, voice chat is also now available among your squad allowing more tactical approaches and removes the need for an external voice chat system.

Fear the Wolves landed on Steam Early Access in August last year after being announced earlier in February and attempts to stand out from other Battle Royale titles by introducing elements that work against the players. While players are dropped into the map with the intent to kill one another, they’ll also face ravenous wolves and mutated creatures as the world goes through a dynamic day-to-night cycle. We’ve also seen how the weather is planned to work against the players.

While the title is planning to launch fully for PC sometime this year, mentions on the console versions have been quiet. We’ve not had specifics on what consoles it’ll be launching on but it was known that they’d be arriving in 2019. However, the below video, and the website only lists PC as the available platform for now.

Fear The Wolves plans to launch fully sometime this year for PC.

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