Focus Home Interactive Teases this Week’s Fear the Wolves Update

This week's update for Fear the Wolves will include improvements to the game's map, ten languages for the game's interface, and other bug fixes.

on September 9, 2018 1:34 PM

Since its release onto Steam Early Access a few weeks agoFear the Wolves has pretty much been receiving regular updates ever since it got off to a rocky start with its closed beta back in July. Most recently, publisher Focus Home Interactive shared a post teasing what players can expect with this upcoming week’s update.

In the post, the publisher shares that the update will include map optimization to increase client performances and improve first-person shooter stability. In addition, there will be new landmarks on the map in order to give players ways to more fully explore the radioactive lands of Chernobyl.

It also includes 10 languages that will be available for the game’s interface including French, German, and Polish.

Currently, the update is poised to be available in the middle of this week.

You can check out everything included in Focus Home Interactive’s post about the update below. Fear the Wolves is currently available on Steam Early Access and is expected to have a console and full PC release sometime next year.

  • Map optimization to increase client performances and improve FPS stability.
  • New landmarks on the map for a deeper immersion into the radioactive lands of Chernobyl.
  • The Reward system will be refined to give more credits for skilled in-game actions.
  • You’ll now be able to queue for a new game while spectating another one.
  • 10 new languages will be available for the interface:
    • French
    • Spanish (LATAM)
    • Portuguese- Brasil
    • German
    • Italiano
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Polish
    • Hungarian
    • Czech
    • Turkish
  • Many quality of life improvements:
    • Toggle options
    • ADS logic
    • Inventory use
    • Matchmaking flow
  • Additional sounds and sound effects.
  • Bug fixing.
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