Fear the Wolves' Most Recent Featurette Focuses on Weather

This featurette focuses on how the weather will affect gameplay and visual effects in the survival shooter game Fear the Wolves.

Players recently got another featurette for Fear the Wolves on Twitter, and this one focuses on how the weather in the game will have a direct impact on players. The game’s most recent closed beta is currently live and will end tomorrow.

In Fear the Wolves, the weather of the game is influenced by the votes of spectating players. While default weather will not have an impact on gameplay or visuals, other types will, and each one affects players in many different ways. For example, rain will reduce how well players can handle vehicles and visibility overall, but it will mask footsteps, while wind will reduce movement speed and the accuracy on long-range shots, and it will affect the trajectory of air dropped crates.

While Fear the Wolves was supposed to enter Steam Early Access last month, a closed beta did not go as smoothly as Vostok Games wanted, so the date for its release has been pushed back. The game has had several closed betas since then, and you can read this week’s changelog below.

The developers still plan on releasing Fear the Wolves on Steam Early Access this year for PC, and it will have a wide release for PC and consoles next year.

This Week’s Changelog:

  • Added Advanced Graphics Options.
  • Added more keybindings.
  • Added handbrakes to vehicles.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the player could be immediately killed when an anomaly spawned.
  • Added an additional warning notification 90 seconds before adrenaline infections begin.
  • Increased the time of the helicopter takes to prepare from 60 to 90 seconds.
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