Feast Your Eyes on New Screenshots from Legend of Grimrock II

on January 28, 2014 6:17 AM

Almost Human, the developers behind the successful indie title Legend of Grimrock and its upcoming sequel Legend of Grimrock II have today unveiled a set of new screenshots from their game.

Accompanying the screenshots is a blogpost discussing how the story and skill and item selection screens have been altered. Legend of Grimrock II isn’t intended to be a story sequel to the first game, instead using many of the same puzzle and combat elements but in a different setting.

However, Almost Human have listened to some of the complaints leveled against their first game, and so have set about reworking aspects that they feel could be improved. Items will now have both a primary and secondary ability, the latter of which can only be triggered by characters that have built their skills in a particular manner. In addition, the spell and crafting systems have been made a little easier to use.

Monster behaviour has also been overhauled since the first game, with enemies acting generally smarter and working together against the player.