Fedor Emelianenko Signs with EA Sports MMA

Fedor Emelianenko Signs with EA Sports MMA

With the huge success of UFC 2009 Undisputed it was no surprise that EA was also jumping onto the MMA bandwagon and making their own MMA title. Once this was announced there was some quick controversy as UFC President Dana White made a public threat to any fighter thinking of taking part in this new title. The threat was that any fighter trying to sign with EA would be black-listed from the UFC, since the UFC had a strong agreement with THQ already.

Enter Fedor Emelianenko, who most consider the greatest heavyweight MMA fighter currently in any division, and a fighter the UFC is heavily pursuing to fight against Brock Lesnar. It seems Fedor has signed with EA and even will grace the cover of the game. This is an interesting piece of news as the UFC is courting him and Dana’s open threat is lingering in the shadows. Could this new deal kill any hope for the Russian fighter to step into the UFC Octagon? Or is the potential fight between Brock and Fedor so large that Dana will wave his previous statements about anyone taking part in the EA title? A press conference is rumored for this Friday to clear the air, but for now know that Fedor is confirmed in the new EA game.

Fedor’s camp on Wednesday also announced that the fighter would grace the cover of the upcoming mixed martial arts video game from EA Sports.

“EA Sports (on Wednesday) will announce that Fedor Emelianenko will headline the EA Sports mixed martial arts fighter game due October next year, also along with Gegard Mousasi and Renato ‘Babalu’ Sobral, who will also be in the game,” announced Jerry Millen, M-1’s U.S. vice-president.

Although UFC President Dana White has remained steadfast in his comments that the UFC will not work with fighters that ink a deal with EA Sports, it is unlikely that Fedor’s already signed agreement with the video game company would create a chasm too wide to cross. Current UFC fighter Randy Couture also had a deal in place with EA Sports before he returned to the promotion last year.

Here is a montage of Fedor showing off his great MMA skills.

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