Feel Your Own Heartbeat While Watching the Trailer for Dating/Restaurant Sim Tokimeki Restaurant

on May 9, 2013 5:09 PM

If you’re a woman watching the trailer for Tokimeki Restaurant (literally Heartbeat Restaurant) coming out in Japan for Android and iOS, you might feel your own heart beat a little faster at the sight of the six beautiful men singing onstage. And if you’re a guy, you might feel the urge to quickly press the back button on your web browser.

Tokimeki Restaurant is a dating and restaurant sim that places you in the shoes of a young girl running a restaurant in Habataki City. Of course, the cafe happens to be near an entertainment production hosting two idol groups called 3 MAJESTY and X.I.P, who come to eat at your restaurant. The game juggles between cooking for and serving the many cafe customers, as well as trying to get to know the idols better and unlock special events with them.

Focusing on the trailer again, it’s pretty obvious what audience this game is gearing toward since it’s dripping with fanservice for the ladies and objectification of the male protagonists. Maybe I should write an article sometime about how it offends me and other men, even though I’m not a guy myself–it seems to be the trend right now for Western journalists.

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