Feist Gets New Accolades Trailer Ahead of PS4 and Xbox One Release

Feist Gets New Accolades Trailer Ahead of PS4 and Xbox One Release

Today, developer Bits & Beasts and publisher Finji released a new trailer for Feist ahead of the game’s release onto PS4 and Xbox One next week.

The trailer runs at one minute and 22 seconds, and is a textbook accolades trailer: gameplay smashed up against favorable blurbs about the game from various outlets.

As you can see from the trailer, the incredibly tense platformer in many ways is reminiscent of the 2010 Limbo from developer Playdead, and like it boasts a very unique aesthetic design and gameplay feel.

For those of you who have never heard of Feist — here’s a brief overview, courtesy of the game’s Steam page:

A desperate, savage survival experience full of stunning visuals, dynamic creatures, and a haunting soundtrack. Follow strange beasts through lonely forests, hazardous mountains, dark caves, and glowing swamps. Watch out for dangerous creatures that react to your movements and decisions, and cleverly concealed traps that will test your ability to survive. Over six years in the making, FEIST is a gorgeous hand-made adventure unlike anything else, with a cinematic presentation reminiscent of The Dark Crystal or Hedgehog in the Fog, and a tense original soundtrack by Tomek Kolczynski.
Feist is set to release on PS4 and Xbox One on December 13th. A price point wasn’t revealed, but going off the game’s Steam page, it should come in at $14.99 USD. Feist is currently available on PC, Mac and Linux. Below, you can check out the new trailer: