Indie Publisher Surprise Attack Games has Rebranded as Fellow Traveller

Indie Publisher Surprise Attack Games has Rebranded as Fellow Traveller

Fellow Traveller's rebranding announcement comes alongside the reveal of two new acquisitions for the publisher.

Video game publisher Surprise Attack Games has today announced that they will be rebranding as Fellow Traveller. This move coincides with a new direction for the publisher as they stated their new focus is to fund and publish “unusual games, especially those with narrative at their core.”

In addition, Fellow Traveller also announced that they have signed two games to their label. The first of these games is Neo Cab, the cyberpunk taxi-adventure game from Chance Agency. The second acquisition is the oceanic exploration title In Other Waters, developer by Jump Over the Age.

To celebrate the announcement, Fellow Traveller has also placed many of their previously published titles on sale. You can find those games below alongside the corresponding platform and percentage price drop.

Hacknet (PC)


Hacknet: Labyrinths (PC)


Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You (PC)


Orwell Season 2: Ignorance is Strength (PC)


FRAMED Collection (PC)


FRAMED Collection (Switch)


Screencheat (PC, PS4, Xbox One)


Vertiginous Golf (PC)


Fort Meow (PC)


Dungeon League (PC)


Super Mutant Alien Assault (PC, PS4, Xbox One)


Think of the Children (PC)


Western Press (PC, Xbox One)


As for what Fellow Traveller has in the pipeline, here is the publisher’s current lineup through 2020 along with anticipated release windows.

  • The Stillness of the Wind, from Lambic Studios, Q3 2018

  • Blind, from Tiny Bull Studios, Q3 2018

  • Unannounced game, Q3 2018

  • Neo Cab, from Chance Agency, Q1 2019

  • The Invisible Hand, from Power Struggle Games, Q1 2019

  • Unannounced game, Q1 2019

  • Unannounced game, Q2 2019

  • In Other Waters, from Jump Over the Age, Q1 2020

  • Genesis Noir, from Feral Cat Den, Q1 2020

Lastly, you can find a new video at the bottom of the page which highlights clips from some of these aforementioned upcoming titles.