Feral Fury Gets a Launch Trailer to Celebrate Its Release

Feral Fury Gets a Launch Trailer to Celebrate Its Release

What happens when you get rid of humans, take pandas and warthogs, then put them in space marine armor? The premise of Feral Fury.

Feral Fury is a fast-paced twin-stick shooter with rogue-lite elements and tons of blood and explosions. It finally hits the digital shelves tomorrow for Xbox One and PS4, and to go along with it, Skandivania Games has released a launch trailer.

The trailer shows copious amounts of action, blood, and way more explosions than you’ll know what to do with. Combat rolls, grenades, lasers, machine guns and more are shown in a full-auto reel of scenes.

Feral Fury has a very different story than most. After thousands of years of mankind being the dominant race on Earth, it finally destroyed itself. The remaining species of animals thrived in their absence, eventually evolving and taking up arms themselves, looking for new homes in the stars.

“The two dominant powers are the panda empire and the hellhog horde. The hogs, once bred for food during the age of humans, have become a proud and fierce warrior race, determined to not let history repeat itself. The pandas on the other hand, have gone from close to extinction to overpopulating their homes and turning entire planets into bamboo plantations.”

The juxtaposition of cute pandas and merciless war somehow make for an eye-grabbing concept. Feral Fury features fast-paced action, 150+ items and powerups, five chapters with three procedurally-generated stages each, and many secrets hidden in each stage.

Feral Fury is available on iOS and PC right now and will launch on PS4 and Xbox One on January 29. Tesla vs. Lovecraft is another absurdly premised twin-stick shooter that was recently announced as well.