Fez Developer Phil Fish Announces Polytron Partners, Supporting Release of Indie Game Panoramical

on June 16, 2014 6:32 AM

The next move for Fez developer Polytron is to aid the release of upcoming music title Panoramical, Phil Fish has announced.

Writing in a blog post, he noted that his own title Fez was only possible through the efforts of many other people. Now that his own title has been finished in full, he wants to pass that help on.

Wrapping up FEZ and its 6 subsequent ports kept us busy for a while.

Time to give back a little, you know?

In his post, Fish stresses that Polytron’s relationship with Panoramical is not that of a publisher, but rather a partner. As such, Polytron’s new venture will go by the name “Polytron Partners.” As partners, Polytron will help with Panoramical’s promotion and will also oversee the last leg of its production.