Fez Developer Says “Japanese Games Just Suck”

Fez Developer Says “Japanese Games Just Suck”

Indie game developer Phil Fish is best known for creating Fez, an upcoming and highly anticipated platformer for Xbox Live. A comment made by Fish during a Q&A after a screening of Indie Game: The Movie at GDC may have just sent sent him from newly famous to wildly infamous. A little known Japanese developer praised the film after the screening and asked Phil his opinion on Japanese game development. Phil responded: “Your games just suck”. 

After making his unbelievably disrespectful remark, Phil elaborated on flaws in Japanese game design and development trends in front of a shocked audience before sending the poor Japanese fan/developer back to his seat. The problem here isn’t Phil’s opinion, because we’re all entitled to those. The problem is that his point could have been made with a lot more tact, class, and freaking decency.


As an up and coming developer who has chanced upon notable success, Phil could have offered the guy some invaluable advice. Instead, he insults the entire Japanese game industry. For God’s sake the man was complimenting the movie and asking for Phil’s opinion, which he clearly valued. Was there no better, more constructive response than a full blown assault on an entire nation’s game development? Phil apparently doesn’t think so.

Phil’s debut game Fez is due on Xbox Live Arcade by the end of Q1 2012.