Fez II Cancelled? (UPDATE)

Fez II Cancelled? (UPDATE)

Thanks to some Twitter feuding it seems like we’ll never get our hands on Fez II now. Somehow an argument ends up leading to the cancellation of Polytron’s Fez II.

Basically, what happened is that Marcus Beer over at Gametrailers called Phil Fish a bunch of names regarding Fish’s annoyance in being asked his opinion of the  Xbox One’s ability to be used as a dev kit on their podcast. This may just be an overreaction on Phil Fish’s part since he also locked his Twitter account in response to the criticism/threats he has received after he told Marcus Beer to commit suicide. I’ll spare you most of the exchange since some unfounded allegations were thrown around and just give you his latest tweet.

Marcus Beer had some valid points in that the press want the opinions of folks like Jonathan Blow and Phil Fish because they have made insanely successful indie games. Valid points until he started calling them “tosspots” and hipsters. Name calling and insults have a way of diminishing an argument regardless how right you are. This is how things escalate and get ugly.


Update:  And got ugly they did! Polytron, the team behind Fez II just announced the game’s cancellation on their Twitter account.

fez2 cancelled


Update: Phil Fish explains his reasoning for cancelling  Fez II in the following tweets.

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