FF14 'Letter From The Producer' Livestream LXXI (71) Patch 6.2 News Summary


YoshiP introduced details on Island Sanctuary and more.

July 1, 2022

Today, Square Enix held the ‘Letter from the Producer’ livestream part LXXI (71) for FF14, which revealed what’s coming up in Patch 6.2 for the MMORPG. The slides from the presentation were translated, but there was no live interpretation from Square Enix USA, so we’ve taken it on ourselves to translate the comments from Game Designer Naoki ‘YoshiP’ Yoshida alongside our summary.

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Patch 6.18 Coming On July 5

Patch 6.18 will finally add Data Center Travel after maintenance. Crystal Conflict Season 2 will also begin, with some balance adjustments.

FF14 Patch 6.2 Buried Memory 禁断の記憶(メモリア) Coming Late August 2022 – First Details

New Screenshots Of The Next Main Scenario Quest Revealed

New Sidequests – Tataru’s Grand Endeavor Continues

New Sidequests – Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures (Patch 6.25)

New Weapon Enhancement Quests (6.25)

Players will be able to unlock Manderville Weapons via ‘Somehow Further Hildibrand Adventures’.


YoshiP: “What will happen when these two get involved?”

New Tribal Quests

New Dungeon – The Fell Court of Troia

New Trials

YoshiP explained they’re keeping these secret for now, and most Japanese fans on the chat guessed it’d be like that. They won’t reveal these until they release.

New Raids

YoshiP mentioned that the devs have been thinking for some time now about releasing the new Savage Raids a bit later so that people can properly experience the story first. They’re testing this for Patch 6.2, and will release the Savage Raid one week after the patch itself. They might extend the delay or remove it for next time depending on feedback. A single screen was also revealed.

YoshiP mentioned he playtested Savage Raids today, saying it was pretty difficult but also pretty fun, and has some new gimmicks to look forward to.

New Unreal Trial

Job Adjustments

Each change will be explained in the text patch notes, as a lot of players have sent feedback saying they want to hear the developers’ reasoning. YoshiP said Dragoon and Astrologian will only get minor changes for now.

Critical, Direct Hit Adjustments

YoshiP explained how sometimes doing a Critical or not is pretty much meaningless so that’s why they’re changing how it works. They’ll explain the changes on the next stream, PLL 72th.

PvP Updates

They’re not done debugging the changes they made to the Matching System for Crystal Conflict, and want to make sure everything is debugged properly (I assume the devs especially feel this way right after the Housing Lottery fiasco). Hence why these changes will only be implemented starting with Season 3 of Crystal Conflict. As for Rival Wings, many players have been asking for its return in feedback, so it’s finally coming back now.

Continued Improvements To Main Scenario Quests

They could only add Duty Support for these 5 dungeons for now due to their strict schedule. YoshiP explained that they know they’re adding these pretty slowly and it feels like they’re half-baking it, and apologized for it.

The Steps of Faith (Ishgard Defense Battle) was reworked into a solo quest, and Thornmarch was completely remade from scratch, mainly because it was too difficult.

New Battle Content Coming in Patch 6.25

Variant Dungeons

Variant Dungeons are something different than “Deep Dungeons”, which are still in development separately. The “certain someone” is an NPC who accompanies the players. A single screenshot was shared. YoshiP also explained it’ll have way more than just two routes, including hidden paths. They won’t add a new Variant Dungeon with every patch, but they plan to make it a series releasing in 6.x patches.

Another Path – Criterion Dungeons

Basically, Variant Dungeons are for Casual play, and Another Path Criterion Dungeons are for veteran players. YoshiP explained that this type of highly difficult, 4-players dungeon was highly requested by non-Japanese players especially.

The first half of the stream ended then, with a 15 minutes break. Japanese fans on the chat were joking about how these never feel like breaks because they tend to show interesting footage during it that keeps you at your seat. This time, they showed footage of The Primals live concert that happened on June 4-5 2022. It was uploaded to YouTube as well. Check it out below.

New Details On Island Sanctuary

YoshiP explained there are still way too many bugs they need to solve, so they’ll only be able to show live gameplay of Island Sanctuary starting next stream, PLL 72th. However, they showed a part of the map.

Map Partial Reveal

They’ll show several parts of the island next stream during live gameplay. YoshiP also explained Island Sanctuary will be unlockable for free after just doing a few quests.

Island Sanctuary Activities Detailed

At first you’ll have to work with your hands and gather insects and stuff. And you’ll slowly be able to make tools, gather more materials, and develop the island. YoshiP also confirmed we’ll be able to name our animals.

Island Sanctuary Will Have An Optional Tutorial, Won’t Be Stressful

Island Sanctuary has no gameplay elements affected by other players, so this way you can focus on your island without worrying about what others could do to it. You’ll also be able to fly around with mounts, and mounts will be sped-up in Island Sanctuary. Long story short, they want players to be able to play Angel Sanctuary even if they’re busy, and they don’t want it to be stressful.

There will also be an optional tutorial that will help you out to at least make your first tools and first base. YoshiP jokingly mentioned this won’t be a super complex thing like adding Minecraft to FF14, so you’ll be fine if you want to discover everything yourself and skip the tutorial.

Adventurer Plate And Portrait Updates

YoshiP apologized several times as they’ll be unable to keep the Portraits made during the Beta Version of the system, you’ll have to remake them.

They’re still working on the Instant Portraits used in Mahjong, it’ll also have an option to hide your ID.

Miscellaneous Updates Coming In Patch 6.2

Being able to request repairs from other players was something highly demanded by the playerbase. YoshiP knows we’ve been waiting for this for a long time and was happy to finally announce its implementation.

Additional Comments From Naoki Yoshida, Merch Announcements

As the stream ended, YoshiP mentioned Patch 6.2 will be a highly voluminous update, so we should look forward to it. For now they’ll keep debugging everything. The next (72nd) Letter from the Producer Live will also include live gameplay of several new elements including Island Sanctuary.

The FF14 Letter From The Producer Live LXXI (71) Full Stream Can Be Watched Below

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