FF7 Yuffie - Everything We Know So Far On The Remake's New Episode

What we know so far on the Yuffie Episode in FF7 Remake Intergrade on PS5.

February 25, 2021

Square Enix announced at the State of Play February 25, 2021, a new Episode for FF7 Remake focusing on Yuffie Kisaragi. The Episode will be included in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade, the PS5 version of FF7R, coming June 10, 2021. You can check out the FF7 Remake Yuffie Episode announcement trailer further below, alongside everything we know so far.

Who is Yuffie Kisaragi?

Yuffie is originally a main character and party member in Final Fantasy VII on PS1. She’s a cool kunoichi – a female ninja – who mainly fights with a giant shuriken. Yuffie is actually one of the three optional, missable party members of the game, together with Vincent Valentine and Cait Sith. However, it’s quite hard to miss Yuffie even in your first playthrough, and she’s quite popular among FF7 fans. Yuffie is also in Kingdom Hearts. With that said, Yuffie did not make an appearance in Final Fantasy VII Remake, until now.

Personally speaking, if you don’t know about Yuffie, I’d recommend simply playing the original FF7 over reading wikis and watching YouTubers’ “explained” videos. Nothing beats playing the game and making your own opinion.

Square Enix confirmed several details via press release and the game’s official site.

The Yuffie Episode is exclusive to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade. In other words, Square Enix confirmed the new Yuffie Episode will not be playable on PS4.

The Yuffie Episode is included in Intergrade from the get-go.

If you own Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4, physical or digital, you will be able to upgrade to Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade for free on PS5. If you do so though, you will need to purchase the Yuffie Episode separately as a paid DLC. Square Enix stated in Japan the DLC version of the Yuffie Episode will be 2178 Yen, around $20.

Keep in mind that if you own a physical version of Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4, you won’t be able to upgrade if you own a PS5 Digital Edition.

The Yuffie Episode will be playable from the title menu of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade on PS5. You don’t need to finish the game first.

Square Enix officially described the Yuffie Episode as a brand-new adventure bringing a new perspective to the world of Final Fantasy VII Remake. The Episode is taking place during the events of Final Fantasy VII Remake, it’s not a sequel.

Yuffie will be the protagonist. She infiltrates the Shinra Company to try to and steal a certain “Ultimate Materia”, to help her homeland Wutai. The Episode will include new characters, one of which is Sonon Kusakabe, who fights together with Yuffie in her party.

Is Sonon Kusakabe playable in the Yuffie Episode?

In an interview with Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura explained Sonon is not playable. Players will only be able to directly control and play with Yuffie Kisaragi in the Episode. However, players will be able to issue Commands to Sonon when entering Tactical Mode. We translated that part of the interview below.

Tetsuya Nomura: “The battle system has a few differences compared to the main game. You cannot control Sonon, and you will only control Yuffie in battle. However, you can issue Commands to Sonon with the Tactical Mode. Yuffie and Sonon fight in coordination with each other, bringing new elements to the battle system. I think you will be able to enjoy battles differently than in the main game.”

Stay tuned as we will cover additional details from this interview soon.

How long is the Yuffie Episode?

Square Enix stated in the Japanese press release the Yuffie Episode will be two Chapters long. We don’t know yet how many hours of gameplay this will translate to.

As seen in the reveal trailer below, Yuffie has new gameplay possibilities that Cloud did not have in the base game. It’s also important to note the Moogle cloak Yuffie wears is similar to the one she dons in Dirge of Cerberus: The PS2 third person shooter game featuring Vincent, which acts as a sequel to the Advent Children movie. The end of the trailer also features Weiss, another character from Dirge of Cerberus. It looks like Compilation of Final Fantasy VII works will be more and more important in the future of the Remake.

In the past, Tetsuya Nomura stated that characters from Compilation of Final Fantasy VII would not appear in the Remake. Now, it’s confirmed that he was only speaking for the base game after all.

FF7 Remake Yuffie Episode PS5 Announcement Trailer (English Dub, Japanese Dub)

Personally speaking, I’m incredibly disappointed Square Enix decided to make the Yuffie Episode a PS5 exclusive. Yuffie is my favorite character in the original game, but no way in hell I’m buying a PS5 for her. There’s not enough games that pique my interest on PS5 to warrant its purchase. Especially seeing the stage of the world now. What do you think? Tell us in the comments.

Tetsuya Nomura also shared a small development update on Twitter for Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2. Back in December, the motion capture actress for Aerith also mentioned recording new motions for her character.

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