FFXIII Sequel a Possibility?

As was confirmed before, there was at one time some pretty hefty downloadable content in development for Final Fantasy XIII, specifically an area called the Seventh Ark. This, of course, has been scrapped, as we all know. However, producer Yoshinori Kitase hinted that some elements from a post-game story might have the possibility of ending up in a sequel to FFXIII. In an interview in the Ultimania Omega Guide to Final Fantasy XIII, he stated a couple interesting points regarding DLC and a possible sequel.

First off, there were some pretty sizable issues they would have had to overcome to release the DLC they wanted to, which are related to the design of the rest of the game. This, he pointed out, would be built around from the start in any future Final Fantasy title that will see DLC. Secondly, Kitase mentioned that he would like to continue the story of FFXIII, to help players understand the mythology and story behind the game better. Apparently going even more in-depth than both Final Fantasy Agito XIII and Versus XIII will when they are released. He also added that a sequel to the game – similar to what Final Fantasy X-2 is to Final Fantasy X – would depend upon fan reaction.

Now, if by “fan reaction” he means sales, then there should most definitely be a sequel. If he means how fans in general felt about FFXIII, then he might want to rethink that, because it was probably the worst received game by most vocal Final Fantasy fans in the last 15 years, at least. I don’t align myself with that assessment, I’m just pointing out general sentiment. What do you guys think? Would you like to see a sequel to FFXIII that would explain the story a bit more, which might possibly, by some stretch of the imagination include a more open exploration of the worlds we’ve come to know from FFXIII?


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