Impressions of FFXIII's Theme Song: "My Hands"

So, you’ve all heard the announcement about the release date for Final Fantasy XIII by now, right?  Along with that announcement came details about the game’s theme song, as well.  I just had the chance to listen to “My Hands” in full, which is performed by Leona Lewis and is contained on her upcoming album Echo.

For those who don’t follow her, she’s a platinum selling, award-winning, pop/R&B artist who was discovered when she auditioned for Britain’s talent show The X-Factor (I’m getting X-Men flashbacks…make it stop!).  Her most popular single to date is undoubtedly “Bleeding Love”, off her debut album.

Now, back to the song in question here, “My Hands”.  We all learned a lesson from FFXII‘s theme song, did we not?  Before the game came out over here, fans were whining and complaining about the song.  Wah, wah, wah.  Blah, blah, blah.  In fact, even after they saw how it was integrated into the game, fans still complained about it without thinking about or looking into the deeper meanings of the song in the context of the game’s story.  I was indifferent about “Kiss Me Goodbye” the first time I heard it, but it grew on me as I heard it in the game and, in fact, went on to enjoy Angela Aki’s music as a whole.  So, first impressions aren’t necessarily lasting ones.

However, first impressions you shall have.  “My Hands” does not seem like a Final Fantasy song.  It begins talking about everyday things that you don’t really think about while playing a fantasy game – waking up in the morning, taking a shower, making your bed, putting on make-up, etc.  Also, the chorus is very busy, almost too busy.  That being said, the theme of the song seems to be loneliness, missing someone you love and how you deal with it, which are definitely themes I get from watching the various trailers for FFXIII.

It remains to be seen how it is integrated into the game itself – will it be heavily features like “Melodies of Life” was in FFIX or will it just be used near the end of the game to wrap things up?  How well does the theme of the song represent the themes present in the game?  We will see, in time.  For now, you can check the song out here.  Once you do, let us know your impressions!

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