FFXIV Streamer Loses It After Hitting Jumbo Cactpot With Chat’s Numbers

By Frankie Clarke

September 14, 2021

FFXIV Variety Streamer Tori_Talks loses her cool with bubbly excitement after she wins the biggest lottery FFXIV has to offer thanks to her chat.

The FFXIV ‘s Manderville Golden Saucer is home to everyone’s favourite Casino and Game Center, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that it’s a bustling space daily on all the servers with players who want to have fun with the array of games offered.

Amongst the many who visit the Golden Saucer as a part of their dailies and or weeklies, self-proclaimed FFXIV Variety Streamer tori_talks of course had to get in on the action joined by her loyal chat.



“You could already be a winner”

As both Tori and her stream seemed to be winding down from a coffee-fueled day of levelling as Redmage and some other shenanigans, one of the last things to do was go and check if she had any winnings to collect from this week’s FFXIV Jumbo Cactpot and well…

Just a few seconds into the clip both Tori and her chat are shocked to see the highlighted 1st prize and the pop up of their winnings after the jingle of coins and I don’t blame them!

After a few times being unsuccessful at grabbing the top place they finally secured it! What makes this moment even more special for Tori’s stream is the fact the numbers were picked by chat themselves, ‘6189’ the winning numbers which I’m sure are now memorialized for both Tori and her viewers.

tori_talks winning screengrab from @toritalkstwitch

What’s the Prize?

As Redditors on /LiveStreamFails pointed out in the comments of the amazing winning moment clipped for us all to see is that FFXIV ‘s Jumbo Cactpot has very high stakes, 1/10000 stakes to win the biggest prize in fact.

The biggest prize that FFXIV‘s Jumbo Cactpot has to offer depends on the number of weekly entries but usually sits around 1 Million MGP (Manderville Golden Saucer Points), but that isn’t the only prize for managing to outdo those insane stakes and match all four numbers. The coveted ‘Mad Bird Ring’ is truly the main prize to behold as it is only obtainable through winning 1st place in the gambling minigame.

Tori_ Talks’ Character showing off the ‘Mad Bird Ring’ in front of FFXIV‘s Jumbo Cactpot

Whilst the currency won doesn’t really do much for Tori in the main game of FFXIV the tokens won will push her ever closer to buying some items only available at the Golden Saucer, or as one Redditor Anuad-E-Moose commented; “Think of it as arcade tokens lol, she just won a looooooot of arcade tokens. You can’t buy a burger with it, but you can buy half of the plushies!!” which I think sums it up well!

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