FGO Waltz Update Adds More Costumes, Songs To Dance With Mashu

FGO Waltz to be available for 24H on August 25. Will add costumes based on Helena Blavatsky (Caster), Shuten-douji (Assassin), Tamamo Cat, Scathach, Ishtar.

August 24, 2020

The official Twitter account for Fate/Grand Order announced on August 19 that FGO Waltz will be receiving a big update. The “Ensemble Action” rhythm game of the FGO Project, fully titled Fate/Grand Order Waltz in the Moonlight/Lostroom, will receive new songs on August 25. Moreover, the update will also add new clothes for Mashu.

Moreover, those who didn’t grab the app yet will get another chance for 24 hours starting August 25 1800 JST (Click here for a time conversion table). There will be no limit to the amount of people who can download the app this time. So grab your Qoo App or whatever you use for region-locked mobile games and Be Prepared.

Five outfits and songs will be added. These past five days, the official FGO twitter account shared samples for each of the songs and the new outfits. Let’s take a look below.

Mashu Outfit based on Helena Blavatsky (Caster) and the song Sorette Tottemo Mahatoma Ne ☆:

Mashu dons a typical post late 2000s idol outfit for a similarly themed song. These kind of idol outfits became incredibly popular post-AKB48. Mashu wears the same hat as Helena Blavatsky (Caster).

Mashu Outfit based on Ishtar (Archer) and the song pleasant journey:

It’s a pretty tame sleeveless dress compared to Ishar (Archer) ‘s bikini-like outfit, and the big ribbon on the chest is super cute. Mashu also wears Ishtar’s black and golden tiara.

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Mashu Outfit based on Scathach (Lancer) and the song Dance with the Shadow:

A beautiful party dress using the same dark purple color as Scathach (Lancer, Caster)’s outfits. The song has pretty clear inspirations.

Mashu Outfit based on Shuten-douji (Assassin) and the song Sakura Uta Ranman:

This outfit is 100% rock themed, and the song mixes rock and Japan themes. Not as good as the stuff Onmyo-Za could do, but still interesting. Mashu also dons the Oni horns of Shuten-douji. Her outfit also includes shortpants and fishnet stockings, fitting Shuten-douji’s sultriness.

Mashu Outfit based on Tamamo Cat (Berserker) and the song Egao glory day:

Mashu wears a similar shouder-less yukata as Tamamo Cat (Berserker). Among all the update’s outfits, it’s the one which looks the closest to the original character’s. Mashu also uses fox ears, a fox tail, and becomes a fox/cat herself. She also has a cat bell collar on her neck. This is definitely Mashu cosplaying Tamamo Cat.

It wasn’t officially confirmed yet, but it looks like Mashu’s seiyuu Rie Takahashi is properly singing everything.

FGO Waltz is one of the projects celebrating the 5th anniversary of FGO. It was revealed on August 10 and first launched on August 11, 2020. Only 550K people could download the app before it disappeared from both App Store and Google Play. This will be your next chance to grab it.

Be sure to check out our past Nasuverse coverage, most notably our translations on the upcoming Fate/Extra remake.

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