Fictorum Releases on PC with an Explosive Launch Trailer

Fictorum Releases on PC with an Explosive Launch Trailer

Fictorum has launched on PC, so the developers over at Scraping Bottom Games released magic-heavy launch trailer.

Scraping Bottom Games launched its magical action RPG Fictorum today on PC through Steam, GOG, and Game Jolt, so the developers released an action-packed launch trailer to celebrate.

For those who may not know, Fictorum lets players control a wizard who is the last living member of the Fictorum, the titular magical order. The adventure takes place in a theocratic empire that oppresses those who use magic, so players must fend for themselves against a powerful inquisition with their magical powers, eventually taking on the Inquisition’s leader, the Grand Inquisitor.

Players have access to a quite varied array of powers. These powers range from having the ability to call down flaming meteors, to casting tons of different lighting spells to shock enemies. Runes can also be applied to spells, and can change how a spell is used; for example, a rune can be applied to a regular plasma to make it a more powerful homing attack.

The world of Fictorum is procedurally generated, and features destructible environments for players to tear apart with their magic. In typical RPG fashion, the game’s story also has players make decisions that have multiple consequences, including changing what opposition they face and what loot they can find.

You can check out the game’s launch trailer below. Fictorum is now available on PC with no word on a console release.