Fiesta Online Gets A HUGE Expansion With “Ascension to Adelia”

Fiesta Online Gets A HUGE Expansion With “Ascension to Adelia”


Gamigo’s Anime-MMORPG Fiesta Online, is getting tons of brand new content with their newest expansion, Ascension to Adelia, including 6 new zones, more than 80 new monsters, 160 quests, and 300 new items.


Ascension to Adelia introduces players to a new region, accessible only via flight on the wings of a giant bird, whose center is the village of Adela, floating town high above in the clouds. With it comes a new quest system that isn’t dependent on the level of the player, is playable daily for fame points, and changes the interface to make it more appealing.

Players will also get three new skills per character class, a new fighting style, three new sets of armor, maximum levels increased from 110 to 115, and a new world boss to beat.

Check out the gallery below for a look at the Adelia expansion, and check out Fiesta Online‘s website for more information. And as always, stay tuned to for more news.