FIFA 11 Gets Street Mode on the Wii

on July 27, 2010 10:28 AM

FIFA 11 Gets Street Mode on the Wii

When you hear “Stree Mode” in any sport, you think gruesome no-rules competition on gritty pavement and an abundance of violence. Well, you’ll be getting something along those lines on the Wii version of FIFA 11. This new mode will feature both indoor and outdoor grounds with walls. Why the walls? Because the walls will be used for passing the ball and for jumping off of. If you’re asking yourself “Why would I want to jump off a wall?” Just think no out-of-bounds.

Street locations vary from Brazil to France to London. Players will also have the ability to tweak the rules a bit, changing match types – First to Score, Tug of War – and even the size of the goals and where they should be placed: wall goals, mini-goals and elevated nets are examples given.

Aside from the aforementioned additions, EA has also made some significant changes to the main 11 vs 11 game. There’s a new attacker versus defender trick system that easily commands rainbow flicks, 360 degree spins, and other marvelous moves like scorpion kicks.

There’s also support for 2 vs 2 online play on the Wii, with the addition of user-controlled celebrations, which include secret ones as well.

FIFA 11 will also feature teams spanning 30 licensed leagues. If you guys want bigger numbers, that’s about 500 teams and somewhere around 15,000 players. Massive, huh?

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