FIFA 16 1.03 Update Makes Sniping Harder, Adds New Kits and Much More

on November 9, 2015 10:02 AM

The PS4 got a system update, so why not give EA Sports’ FIFA 16 an update as well?

FIFA 16’s update 1.03 is about 380 MB, and it brings new third kits for Roma, Barcelona and Inter Milan. It also adds some star heads for players from newly promoted teams in the Barclays Premier League, so expect to see some improved faces in teams like Watford and Norwich City.

It also fixes a number of issues and reported exploits. One of them is the sniping trading method, where you adjust the price conditions to the lowest buy now price of a player and wait till someone accidently puts up a card. After the update, this won’t be as easy as it was before, since now players’ prices are automatically adjusted to the maximum buy now.

Check out all the changes below:



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