FIFA 19 Developers “Would Love the Competition” from PES on Nintendo Switch

FIFA 19 Developers “Would Love the Competition” from PES on Nintendo Switch

FIFA 19 developers talk about the upcoming Nintendo Switch release, and about the lack of Pro Evolution Soccer on the console.

The FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer series have always been rivals on the pitch of soccer simulation but between Electronic Arts and Konami only the former embraced the Nintendo Switch.

During an interview at E3 2018, FIFA 19 Associate Producer Andrei Lăzărescu pointed out that there is no Pro Evolution Soccer game on Nintendo Switch, and that the FIFA team would love the competition on that.

Lăzărescu also mentioned that the team heard from the players that they are enjoying FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch due to its portability, depth of modes, and the ability to play Ultimate Team on the go. The fans “obviously want more” so the team added the World Cup a few days ago, also because there are a lot of new players coming into the game due to the event. That’s a very solid foundation for FIFA 19 especially due to the official addition of the UEFA Champions League.

He also added that they the team already proven many predictions wrong by pushing into the second iteration of the franchise on the Switch. They’re always looking at how they can improve the experience, and in their view the game they built for 2018 was just the first step towards evolving the FIFA experience and drawing the community and the player base on Switch as well.

He feels that FIFA 19 stands as a testament to that with Champions League, gameplay innovations, rendering improvements, and depth in modes. It’s an “evolutionary step” in the franchise.

If you want to see more about FIFA 19, you can check out the latest trailer. The game will be released for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch on September 28th.

[Original interview by Lou Contaldi and Logan Moore]