FIFA 20 Career Mode Introduces Player Morale, Dynamic Potential, Manager Customization, and More

FIFA 20 makes a few changes to career mode that should make long-time fans of the mode very happy.

Over the last few years, FIFA’s career mode has felt a little stagnant. It’s often seemed that the team’s development resources went to either Ultimate Team or The Journey (mostly FUT), and not much time was left over to work on career mode. I’m hesitant to say the mode is back in the limelight this year; however, EA has seen fit to add several important changes that will make long-time career mode enthusiasts very happy.

There is a lot here, but I think the biggest addition might be the new dynamic player potential. In past games,  Kylian Mbappe would always have a 95 potential rating that he would eventually reach. It did not matter what you did with him. This is the same for every player. Every single person who started a career mode would experience the exact same player ratings. With that aspect being static, you could always rely on going out and picking up cheap wunderkids to build your roster around. You knew they’d always hit their lofty potential.

Now, how your players perform will have an impact on their potential. If you pick up someone like Lionel Messi and he dominates your league, his potential won’t fall off a cliff just because he’s an older player. If you bring in a youngster like Timothy Weah and he has a breakthrough year, his potential might shoot through the roof and let him reach heights he wouldn’t be able to in the past. It’s a much-needed change that should really breathe new life into the mode.

This year we will also finally be able to create custom manager avatars. In the past, EA put out a selection of a few stodgy men with three different outfit options and that was it. This year, not only can you spend hours fine-tuning your characters appearance, you’ll also have several options for dressing them. You can even change their outfits mid-season, if you’re so inclined. Importantly, this will be the first year that both male and female managers are available, which is a nice touch.

The final big thing EA is touting is how the player morale system will interact with press conferences and 1-on-1 conversations. In the past, players were able to become unsatisfied with their role at the club if they weren’t playing enough. This year’s iteration seems much more in-depth than that. Some players will react differently based on your comments at a post-game press conference. That means it’s important to really know your squad and how they’ll respond to various situations.

All of this is shaping up into a package that’s much more attractive than previous career mode offerings. Hopefully, EA can deliver when FIFA 20 launches September 27 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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